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Castle of Heroes

Castle of Heroes is a huge online multiplayer browser-based fantasy strategy game. It was created by the Chinese game firm Suzhou Snail Electronic Co., Ltd. or the Snail Games. The game was published in USA by Snail Games USA.

How to play Castle of Heroes

At the beginning of the game, the player or players are asked to select a race to represent them in the game. The four races in the game are the Human race, the race of Elves, the Orc race and the race of the Undead. Each race presents the player/s with a different set of advantages as starting player/s. For example, the humans are blessed with early ranged unit and the early undead units are much cheaper to generate than the other races. The player can also enjoy additional racial benefits at the later stages of the game. After deciding on a character and choosing a name, the player/s can also choose to get more acquainted with the game by going through a tutorial. The tutorial helps the player/s to finish the tasks that appear throughout the game. The players begin the game with some small troops that are guided by the blue quality Hero.

Castle of heroes The players begin the game with a main castle that comes with their choice of character. However the players can also decide to attack and capture additional castles that belong to other races of the game. At the initial stages of the game there is present a Town Hall. The players have to erect more buildings and add to the castle so that more troops and Heroes can be recruited. Additional tasks include learning spells and skills, increase storage of resources and protect the castle from invading troops. Each of the new buildings that are created has a maximum of ten levels. The levels require more and more time to create as the game progresses. The players need five different resources to recruit troops and construct the buildings. These are Crystal, Sulphur, Ore, Lumber and Gold. These resources will be naturally created within a castle. However they can also be gathered from captured mines and looted ammunitions from the other players.

Combats in Castle of Heroes

Combats within the different characters are an important part of the game Castle of Heroes. The players are required to fight with NPC monsters to acquire fighting gear and experience to better equip their Heroes so that they can easily capture castles and mines. Combating is also necessary to defend themselves from attacking opponents. A Hero has to handle important tasks set by the player such as attacking monsters and other players or acquire objects that are present in the world map. The troops work much more efficiently and coherently when the Hero is a powerful figure. The Heroes can make use of items that will boost their stats or use spells to help their troops in battles.

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