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Aether is the name of a video game published by the Armor Games. Tyler Glaiel and Edmund McMillen designed this game. Aether was first released on 3rd September, 2008. One can play this game online for free or download it. In the game, there is a lonely boy who encounters an octopus- like monster and the two of them journeys to different planets to solve puzzles and restore them from their monochromatic state to color. The player controls the boy and his monster as they travel through the space using the monster’s tongue to move ahead, swinging on asteroids and clouds.

The creators Glaiel and McMillen took only 14 days to develop the game. The unique atmosphere and video style of the game received positive responses from various video game blogs while the game’s background music got mixed reviews. According to many, the controls of Aether could have been worked upon and improved before the game released.


How to Play Aether

This space adventure game consists of a gameboard with dull pastel colors. There is a single looped musical score that plays in the background. The player has to explore four monochrome planets with subdued hues. He or she has to control the boy and his monster friend and take them to different planets. The monster’s long tongue is used for moving through space. The pair requires gaining momentum in order to escape from the orbit of each planet as all the planets exert gravity. The monster has to hold on to a floating cloud and swing from one cloud to another. The player has to use the swinging momentum to propel the pair from a lower cloud to a higher one. He or she can use the same process to leave the orbit of all the planets. The same process is used to move in the space using the stars and asteroids. There is no gravity in space, so the boy and the monsters drift in a directionless manner until the player decides the course by swinging on an object.

In space, the player is drawn to the orbit of a nearby planet. The locations of the planets are indicated with colorful markers. The marker disappears from a planet once its puzzle has been solved. There is one puzzle on each planet. Sometimes, the swinging ability of the monster can be used for solving some puzzles. There is one puzzle in which the player has to swing on the crystals surrounding the core of Gravida, a hollow planet. Here, one crystal cannot be used twice as an object for swinging. A flash of light is produced every time a puzzle is solved. At this point, the monochrome planets become colorful and their subdued pastel colors become bright.

The game ends once the colors of all the planets have been restored. The Earth becomes smaller after solving each planet’s puzzle. The boy lands on the Earth once all the puzzles have been solved. But the Earth is destroyed as the boy lands with his monster. The pair of them flies towards the moon where the boy can have the future of his choice.

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