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Flash Games

A flash game is a form of a browser game that use flash player as its engine. These forms of games are played on the web browsers and require an internet connection. Flash games can also be played offline by downloading them and saving them on the computer hard drive. When they are being played online, they can be run by standard flash plug-ins for the browser and by following standard web technologies. Flash games can belong to different genres of video games and they can be played by a single player or multiple players. These games are also portable and as a result they can be played in a wide array of platforms and devices. Flash games come in various themes like scary games, action, adventure among others. They are highly popular among both hardcore gamers as well as casual players.

Characteristics of Flash Games

Flash games that are played on a browser are mostly available for free. One can easily check on the internet to find the game that they are looking for and can play it online. No client software is needed to be installed to access the game, except for a flash player. There are many flash games that can be played by multiple players all over the world who are connected over the internet. Unlike traditional computer games, flash games are much more lightweight and are often played in frequent shorter sessions as opposed to longer, 3D games that employ more complex technologies. Flash games can also runs on various operating systems and no porting is required to play them.

Flash games

Some popular flash games

Here are the brief descriptions of some popular flash games

Indestructo Tank

This exciting game requires the player to maneuver a strong tank and obliterate the enemies. Care has to be taken to protect the tank from enemy bombing. Once being hit by bomb, the tank will be blown into the sky. The player can earn more points by combating the enemies on a single go. The player should try to cross the stages before the fuel gets over.


This is a form of a fighting game where the player has to combat many opponents simultaneously. The player can control the fighter and make several types of throwing, punching, kicking and other forms of defensive movements. Playing Electricman2HS creates a thrilling and funny experience for the player. The Matrix Mode of this game is said to be the most thrilling and entertaining of all the modes.

Dino Run

Dino Run is a very gripping and exhilarating game where a small dinosaur attempts to escape from being crushed by a fallen meteor. The player has to assist the small dinosaur in trying to evade the dangers from the falling meteor.

Matrix Rampage

For those who are fans of The Matrix Movies franchisee, playing the Matrix Rampage game will provide them ample opportunities for being thrilled and entertained. The game features the central character Neo who can jump from one building to another and across top floors. The player can earn points by killing the agents that appear along the way. The player can also use various weapons such as guns, chemical weapons, swords and bombs while trying to combat enemies.

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